“ I am still happy. My health is getting well. I am going back to paint again (VERY HAPPY). My AIS worker is helping me to get foot care, dental care and an eye doctor"

David Cook, AIS Tenant

“My experience as a tenant of AIS has been thankful.  It’s a great location.  I feel secure in my building. I live on a fixed income and there is no way I could pay ‘market’ rent."

Anna May, AIS Tenant

“Before I moved into my first AIS building I felt lonely and depressed most of the time. I felt like nobody cared. Since I moved to AIS housing a lot has changed. I am able to do things and go places because of the outings that AIS provides. I find that I am feeling less depressed. I have a Support Worker that is helping me through times that are hard for me to manage. I find that my family has come closer.“ 
John Hood,
AIS Tenant


"The Hoarding Specialist at AIS helps me to let go of items that i don't really need and organize my belongings, making it easier to find what I am looking for. It has made my home safer and it's now a nicer place to live. My friends, family and workers now enjoy coming to my home to visit."

Sandra S., AIS Tenant



 Tina Larochelle thanked AIS staff,

"I want to thank you after all you’ve done for me

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