AIS recognizes the unique human needs of diverse individuals. You may agree that that trauma is injury to the Spirit and believe it is the root cause of self-medication and self-harm.

Our healing model of care centers on enriching the meaning and quality of tenants’ lives by encouraging them to realize their spiritual potential.

Donors provide tenants with counselling in a non-judgmental, healing and genuine manner. Your support also helps them to explore the spiritual significance of trauma through reflection on inner and outer resources for strength and coping.

Trauma and Homelessness Workgroup

Donations help AIS to organize and facilitate trauma-informed workshops each year. Many tenants who live at AIS have experienced traumatic incidents, either predating their homelessness, or while surviving on the streets or in the shelter system. As a result, tenants can experience intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares and somatic responses. The training offers strategies for supporting tenants and intervening effectively.

Workshop: Trauma Recovery: Processing Guilt and Shame: October 19, 2017. Learn more about the impact of trauma on workers in the mental health field. For further information contact: Andrzej Tarnas, Community Support Worker, 416-504-3610 ext 32; or

You can also click here for the workshop flyer.