AIS educates and provides practical support to help tenants maintain a healthy home, free of clutter. A skilled Hoarding Specialist will work with the tenant and plan to organize their apartment.

AIS has also been pro-active in the area of educating the tenants about bed bug management. If you ever had or know someone who has had the experience of a bed bug infestation, then you know the anxiety and stress that this creates. Through one to one support this problem can be rectified

  • Helps tenants to prepare homes for pest management intervention
  • Helps tenant find home care solutions
  • Supports tenant to reduce hoarding related activities
  • Provides practical hands-on help to prepare tenants’ apartments for treatment 
  • Helps tenants with maintaining a barrier-free home



 "The Hoarding Specialist helps me to let go of items that I don't really need and organize my belongings, making it easier to find what I am looking for.  It has made my home safer and it's now a nicer place to live.  My friends, family and workers now enjoy coming to my home to visit."  Sandra S. AIS Tenant




 In 2013, an Occupational Therapist completed Home Safety Assessments in tenants apartments. The goal was to support the tenants in achieving their independence.  AIS responded to the physical safety needs of tenants.  In  recent months a number of accessibility features were installed in the AIS buildings such as automatic door openers, accessible toilets, improved corridor lighting, non-slip tub surfaces and visual warning strips on the stairs.