With the help of an AIS volunteer, Gentle Yoga Instruction is available to tenants. 

Teaching at AIS

Yoga is my passion. Helping others is rewarding. Combining the two is an incredible experience.

Last spring I was asked to fill in for a friend at AIS.  I knew that class would not be the last.  I teach a weekly class now.  We practice on mats or chairs, the focus is on the breath and gentle stretches but we have progressed to the point where most of us can move our breath.  Even the residents who use wheelchairs for mobility benefit from the practice. Moving the hand with the breath in the warm up has provided one participant with improved focus and clearer thoughts.

It is fascinating to see yoga work its subtle magic during each class.  Most people leave feeling just a little bit brighter than when they came in.  A bit taller, and a little bit more grounded and secure in their individual experience of this world.

With regular weekly practice the act of focusing on the breath becomes something we all take out into our daily lives.  When waiting for public transportation or stuck in traffic we can tune into the breath and stay calm.  At night before bed we can use the breath to relax the mind.  When we need to fire up our energy we can use breath instead of another cup of coffee.  The breath training creates substantial changes.  Add benefits of stretching and releasing and each of the participants gains valuable tools to use outside of class.

Teaching this class has helped me in so many ways. My cueing has become clearer and easier to follow.  Working with Sign Language Interpreters I have learned to use less filler words and allow for silence so that each person can have their own personal yoga experience.  I have learned to modify poses to suit all body abilities.  But mostly I have benefited from a group of like minded people getting together to share yoga experience.  Yoga connects-mind, body and soul.  It does not matter what the physical body looks like, let go of limitations! Yoga goes deeper to the heart.  It joins us as one.  No matter how we show up for our practice the rough edges get smoothed out by the final exhale together.

Kimberley Jaye, Volunteer Yoga Instructor

 “My housing experience is great. I am happy.  AIS  provides American Sign Language interpreters.  My life has changed.  I like the Gentle Yoga program.  I have: less stress, improved sleep, less pain, and less reliance on medication.”  - Lillian