AIS is grateful to the following for providing financial support to improve the tenants’ living environment:


AIS receives funding for its apartment buildings from the:

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

 AIS receives funding for the unique programs and services from the:

Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) 


Click here to see our Funding Agreement - M-SAA


A Special Thank You to AIS Donors:

  • The Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation
  • J.P Bickell Foundation
  • The Realtor's CARE Foundation
  • The Home Depot Foundation of Canada
  • A Private Family Foundation
  • The Mariano Elia Foundation
  • A & A King Foundation
  • Point Alliance
  • Harold E. Ballard Foundation
  • ECHO Foundation
  • The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation
  • The McLean Foundation
  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant
  • Board Members of AIS
  • Individual Donors

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are AIS’s donations allocated?

There are two general funds:

  • Capital Donations: Bathurst Renovation – Goal to add two accessible apartment units to a building AIS owns in the Annex. The estimated capital budget is $450,000. To date we have raised $110,000. With increased donations we hope to be able to complete the renovations by Fall 2017.
  • Tenant Wellness: The Tenant Wellness Program supports initiatives related to nutritional programming; trauma & spiritual care therapy; social recreational activities; hoarding assistance; gentle yoga; and drumming for wellness.


  1. How much does AIS spend on administration?

Administration costs are kept within the industry standards of less than 22%.


  1. How is AIS able to keep administration costs low?

With regular reviews of administrative responsibilities, we can identify ways to improve efficiencies and decrease costs. Cost savings realized last fiscal year were in areas of IT Support; Group Insurance Benefits; and Telephone Services.


  1. How can I see the impact of my contributions?

On an annual basis, AIS will post their Audited Financial Statements on their website. This will identify funding and expenses for major cost centers. Additionally, donors will receive a bi-annual Newsletter which will highlight new initiatives; tenant stories; and feature one of our unique programs for the tenants. Also, once per year, AIS conducts a Tenant Satisfaction Survey. The highlights of this report will be found on the AIS website.


  1. Why should I give to AIS?
  • We are ready with the skills, capacity and passion to do our part to address the urgent need for homes for individuals who wait in shelters and on the streets.
  • The shortage of affordable and supported housing in Toronto for persons with mental health challenges is at a distressing number of 10,500 persons with
  • we understand complex issues that lead to homelessness and mental health challenges
  • We have always taken Housing First Approach. There is extensive evidence that safe stable housing leads to improved health outcomes
  • AIS provides more than housing—and we are proud of services that go well beyond bricks and mortar


  1. How do I get an official tax receipt for my donation?

Donations received through the link on our website are automatically receipted by

Canada Helps. Donations received at the AIS office are processed within 48 hours and sent to the Donor.

  1. How does my donation make a difference?
  • our unique services reduce risks of mental health crises, enable earlier interventions, reduce isolation, build individual resilience and provide enhanced quality of life.
  • these programs provide clients with roles and opportunities for engagement and a sense of belonging in the larger community. These are the elements that make the difference between providing housing and helping people find a sense of home.


  1. Do I have any rights as a donor?

AIS values and respects the privacy of each Donor. As well, we adhere to the

Donor Bill of Rights as set out by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


  1. How much does AIS spend on fundraising?

Last fiscal year AIS had minimal fundraising expenses, less than $1,000 per annum. However, now that we have a dedicated part-time staff position to help us achieve our fundraising goals, the expenses will be increased.


  1. How much government funding does AIS receive?

For Bricks and Mortar from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - $403,093 which is 21% of our total budget.

For Support Services from the Toronto Central LHIN - $1,042,726 which is 54% of our total budget.

The rest of the funding comes from tenants rents; donations and grants - $491,187 which is 25% of our total budget.


  1. What is AIS’s charitable registration number?

Our Registered Charitable Number is 129292295RR0001


  1. Does AIS sell or rent its mailing lists?

AIS does not participate in selling or renting mailing lists.